Château de Cayx vin de Cahors AOC
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Vin de pays du Lot. This wine is produced from a 4-hectare plot situated essentially on limestone terraces surrounding the château.

Grape varietal:
100% chardonnay.

Low-temperature fermentations in stainless-steel vats help to preserve the fruity character and freshness typical of the Chardonnay varietal. The wine is estate-bottled.

Tasting notes:
This Chardonnay displays a pale golden yellow robe with greenish hues. The nose expresses scents of apricots and white peach. In the mouth, the wine is ample and supple, and develops aromas of dried fruits, almonds and hazelnuts. A balanced fresh and well-rounded Chardonnay to be served chilled, as an aperitif, with seafood or with a fish course.

"Cigaralle" is an ancient local term used in Aquitaine and in the region of Toulouse to designate a pavilion surrounded by gardens or, more generally, a construction akin to a belvedere or a kiosk, where one could take some rest in hot weather while listening to the song of the cicadas. The poet and playwright Marquis de Pompignan, then owner of the Château, constructed the belvedere of Cayx in the 18th Century. This was one place that greatly inspired his poetical creativity.