Ch‚teau de Cayx vin de Cahors AOC
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The southwest oriented 21-ha vineyard of the Château de Cayx benefits from an ideal exposure to sunlight and is sheltered from the cold northern winds. The higher limestone terroirs are arranged in terraces and extend into lower gravelly soils mixed with pieces of debris from the “causse” (or limestone plateau). The vineyard has been progressively replanted as from 1975; the average age of the vines is approximately 25 years.

The vineyard is mainly planted with Malbec (80%). Rich in colouring matter and tannins, this varietal must constitute at least 70% of the blend of Cahors wines and accounts for their profound robe and balance. Two other grapes – Merlot and Tannat – that traditionally compose Cahors wines are also planted at Cayx, to a much lesser extent though than Malbec. The Tannat varietal also contributes to the structure of the wines.

In a quest for quality and excellence, the vineyard work is carried out with particular care: the treatments given to the soil are respectful of its ecology and of the environment; inter-row weeds favour the expression of the terroir through the vines; the yields are strictly controlled, with Guyot pruning, suppression of vine-shoots and, if necessary, green-pruning (to maintain yields under 50 hl/ha).

Each plot is harvested and vinified separately, under strict temperature control; fermentations are rather long and last 15 to 20 days. The wines then undergo an 18-month period of barrel ageing in a semi-buried cellar, at constant temperatures that are ideal for their maturation.

All the wines of Cayx are estate-bottled.

The Malbec grown on the terroir of Cayx confer upon our wines their unique character and intensity, revealed through their aromas of blackberries and plums that often evolve, upon ageing, into scents of truffle and spices. Prince Henrik particularly favours the expression of power, concentration and silkiness in the wines he produces.

Recently, new terraces have been constructed alongside the flanks of the hill. These extensions are a testimony to the ambitions of the proprietor and to his trust in the exceptional
terroir of the Château de Cayx.

It is on these newly constructed terraces overhanging the Lot River that the Chardonnay is planted.
This varietal produces an original dry white wine called: LA CIGARALLE
The grapes producing the special cuvées GOBELINS and LA ROYALE are harvested and sorted manually, so as to ensure an optimal selection.